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Tourism booms in Zhoushan during National Day holiday

Updated : 2018-10-09


The beautiful island scenery of Zhoushan makes it a hot tourist destination during the National Day Holiday. [Photo/ zj.zjol.com]

Zhoushan saw a remarkable increase in both tourist numbers and income during the National Day Holiday from Oct 1 to 7, according to statistics from the Zhoushan Tourism Committee. 

The city received over 1.26 million visitors during the period and gained revenue of more than 1.64 billion yuan ($237 million), up 8.8 percent and 11.66 percent year-on-year, respectively. 

Putuo district received the most tourists among the city's four districts and counties, at over 545,800 people and up 15.34 percent year-on-year.

Tours to the islands and countryside were most popular among visitors, and many chose to drive their own cars for the tour, but had to return earlier due to the interruption of Typhoon Kong-rey landing on the city in the evening of Oct 4. 

Inter-islands transportation in the city was temporarily suspended until Oct 6, and the last two days of the holiday saw mainly visitors from local areas and neighboring cities such as Ningbo. 

The first four days saw big increases in traffic volumes, with over 70,000 vehicles travelling in and out during Oct 2 and 3 in particular, but the figure shrank by around 30 percent due to Typhoon Kong-rey during Oct 6 and 7, statistics from the city's traffic police show.

The waterway passenger transport of the city was also suspended on Oct 5, and a speed limit was implemented on the sea-crossing bridge until Oct 6. 

Despite the weather, Zhoushan maintained a sound safety control during the holiday, with accidents on the sea-crossing bridge declining by 10 percent from a year earlier.