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Zhejiang Ocean University launches Sino-Italian graduate school

Updated : 2018-10-08

Zhejiang Ocean University (ZJOU) in Zhoushan, Zhejiang province recently got the nod from China's Ministry of Education to establish a graduate school in collaboration with Italy's University of Pisa.

The Pisa Marine Graduate School of ZJOU is a joint venture with the support from both universities and will be stationed in the island city of Zhoushan.

There will be two master's majors in the fields of marine biology and food processing and safety at the graduate school. Every year, the school will enroll 30 students for each of them. Those who successfully complete their study on this program and pass all the examinations shall be granted diplomas from both ZJOU and the University of Pisa.

Founded in 1958, ZJOU is situated in the Zhoushan Archipelago New Area, China's first State-level new area for the marine economy. After sixty years of development, the university has grown into a comprehensive educational institution focusing on marine-related research.


Zhejiang Ocean University agrees a deal with the University of Pisa, one of the oldest universities in Europe, to establish an education program in Zhoushan, Zhejiang province. [Photo/ZJOU]