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Oil tank fire drill undertaken by Zhoushan central enterprise

Updated : 2018-09-30


Firefighters spray a 100,000-metric-ton oil tank with fire-extinguishing chemicals to battle a simulated fire during a drill on Daishan Island, Zhoushan, on Sept 27. [Photo/ mobile.zhoushan.cn] 

A fire drill simulating a fire in an oil tank took place on Daishan Island, Zhoushan, on Sept 27, to test the emergency response capabilities of a central enterprise based in the island city in dealing with hazardous chemical accidents.

Hosted by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, the drill was undertaken by the Sinochem Group, a large central enterprise specializing in oil business, and the National Hazardous Chemical Emergency Response Zhoushan Base, a rescue team of the Sinochem Group in Zhoushan. 

It simulated the handling of a fire caused by an oil leak in a 100,000-metric-ton oil tank following a lightning strike. 

Over ten firefighting trucks carrying more than 100 firefighters immediately rushed to the scene and carried out fire extinguishing work in an orderly manner, with drones hovering over the oil tank on fire for real-time monitoring. 

Two remote fire extinguishing systems of Sinochem Zhoushan Hazardous Chemical Emergency Response Co were also mobilized for the drill, which is currently the world's most advanced firefighting equipment. 

All parties involved had trained for nearly half a month for the drill, according to an official of the National Hazardous Chemical Emergency Response Zhoushan Base, adding that the drill helped them gain experience for large oil tank firefighting.