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Zhoushan research ship finishes ocean geology investigation

Updated : 2018-09-11


Zheyuke 2, a scientific research ship owned by the Zhejiang Ocean University, conducts marine research with its cutting-edge equipment on the East China Sea. [Photo/ mobile.zhoushan.cn]

Zheyuke 2, a scientific research ship owned by Zhejiang Ocean University, recently finished its task of investigating the physical characteristics of the East China Sea bottom, local media reported. 

The ship spent 12 days on the expedition, traveling over 860 kilometers. 

The research results of the expedition will provide a more theoretical basis for determining a safer, cost-effective and technically-feasible way of designing, building and maintaining the submarine observation network cable system. 

Zheyuke 2, delivered to the Zhejiang Ocean University on May 8, is the province's first research ship specialized in fishery resource investigation, an important part of the nation's medium and long-term plan for fishery technological development from 2006 to 2020.

Equipped with sophisticated detectors, she is able to calculate the fishery resources of a certain sea area without the need to catch the fish as was done previously, according to Wang Xian'en, head of the equipment department of the university.

Zheyuke 2 is also the nation's first diesel-electricity hybrid vessel that supports the shift of propulsion modes from diesel to electricity, or to diesel-electricity, based on the needs of actual marine tasks.


Researchers on the ship prepare equipment for marine tasks. [Photo/ mobile.zhoushan.cn]