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Over 500 Shanghai tourists in Zhoushan

Updated : 2018-07-05


Over 500 Shanghai residents travel in Zhoushan.[Photo/zhoushan.cn]

Over 500 tourists poured into Putuo Seafood Stall, Zhoushan in the evening of March 10, singing songs and enjoying fresh seafood. The members are all from Shanghai and they will spend two days here. 

It’s the first team of the “Shanghai residents travel in Zhoushan” series activities held by the Zhoushan Tourism Committee. What’s more, the committee will put forward more theme tour activities in accordance with different seasons and cultures, to follow the “business, travel, and culture” principle, making Zhoushan’s tourism projects more colorful and diversified.


Tourists visit Nandong Arts Valley [Photo/zhoushan.cn]


Over 500 Shanghai residents travel in Zhoushan. [Photo/zhoushan.cn]

According to the organizers, many Shanghai residents were attracted by the seafood and island scenery of the activity, and the number of registered members reached more than 500 in a short period. 

“I feel very happy and joyful here,” said a tourist named Qian, when she stood on the train platform of Nandong Arts Valley.

Wu Guoding, a Shanghai tourist, visits Mount Putuo several times every year. However, it was the first time for him to visit Cezi Moon Bay and Nandong Arts Valley. Wu said that most tourists only know Mount Putuo and the seaside in Zhoushan, but it is better for them to explore more scenery, such as Cezi Moon Bay and Nandong Arts Valley. Zhoushan needs to show more attractions to people throughout the world.


Over 500 Shanghai residents travel in Zhoushan.[Photo/zhoushan.cn]


Over 500 Shanghai residents travel in Zhoushan.[Photo/zhoushan.cn]

This year, Zhoushan will enlarge the development of the traditional tourist markets in Zhejiang province, the Yangtze River Delta, and Fujian province. It will also explore the tourism market in Hong Kong, Macao, and Southeast Asian regions. It plans to promote a “Thousand people enjoying a vegetarian banquet” activity to the Southeast Asian countries, such as the Philippines.

Zhoushan will continue to promote a series of island tourism activities as tourism brands to gain a higher reputation and win more tourists. Additionally, it will create and develop more thematic series routes for Mount Putuo and the unique islands, providing support and making preferential policies for high-speed tourism trains. Another 60 to 70 high-speed special trains, which run to and from Zhoushan, will open to the public this year. 

By the end of 2018, Zhoushan is expected to receive more than 62 million domestic and foreign tourists, with total tourism revenues to exceed 90 billion yuan ($13.62), an increase of 8.5 percent in the city’s GDP share compared with the previous year.