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Shengsi Islands

Updated : 2018-06-25



Liu Jing Tan

Liujingtan is located on the far eastern end of Sijiao Island. It is the best place to watch sunrises and the thousands of competing boats on the sea. Listed among the original blue coastal leisure tourism resorts in the Shengsi Islands, it is called the “beginning of the sea”. The moment that the red sun rises above the water is each day’s most amazing sight.

Donghai Fishing Village

Donghai Fishing Village, located on Sijiao Island, is a colorful village. Local people create unique paintings on their houses’ walls, telling stories of fishermen's lives. Those lives, fishery proverbs and music as well as traditional festivals are all creative inspirations. Seen from a distance, the village is like a “Mogao Grottoes on the sea” with rich local flavor.

Gouqi Island

Gouqi Island is the hometown of mussels in China. Many tourists live in a homestay to enjoy natural island tours, watch stars and listen to the tides. Most are touched with the scenery as captured in a local poem, “facing the sea, with flowers blossoming in spring”.

Guanhuang Village

In this fantastic village, more than 600 coastal residential buildings are well laid out against hills and many exterior walls are covered with vines. As an ideal destination for many photographers and tourists, it has become a popular place in the islands over the past few years.

Yangshan Island

Driving across the East China Sea Bridge, people catch sight of two sister islands – the Yangshan Islands. Their stones are carved with “Peaceful Sea Waves”, “Ripples and Waves”, “Wielding Swords”, relics of anti-Japanese pirate battles in the Ming Dynasty (AD 1368-1644). Tourists can take a boat to “Shenggu Temple”, which sits at a lower altitude than any other temple in the world. Then they can taste Yangshan's four delicacies in the evening and view the night scenery of the bustling oriental port. 

Huaniao Island

Located in the northern part of Shengsi Islands, it is close to the sea. Its Huaniao lighthouse is the second largest lighthouse in Asia. It was listed as a world historical cultural heritage by the International Association of Lighthouse Authorities (IALA) in Oct 1997. In recent years, the island was often featured in lots of popular movies and television dramas.

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