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Shengsi Islands

Updated : 2018-06-25

Offshore islands, small city, slow life

The more than 400 pearl-like Shengsi Islands are famous for blue sea, odd-shaped reefs, golden sand and lighthouses. They are the only national scenic spot named with the word "Islands" in China. There are so many reasons to fall in love with the Shengsi Islands, captured by some of the phrases used to describe them: “Pearls in the East China Sea”, “Fairy Tale World”, “Adventure on Green Fields” and “Marine Pasture”.


About the Shengsi Islands

1 They have the best bathing beaches in China's Yangtze River Delta Region, including the Jihu and Nanchangtu sand beaches.

2 They are the best place to watch the sunrise.

3 There is an uncommon sea-fishing resort in Zhoushan.

4 Tourists can meet unsophisticated fishermen and see their unique paintings in Donghai fishing village.

The most popular places

Sister Beaches

There are more than 10 beaches on Sijiao Island, of which the most famous are Jihu Beach and Nanchangtu Beach. They are separated only by a hillock, so they are called “Sister Beaches”. The golden sand, blue sky and sea form a painting of nature, ideal for holidaying in summer, the most favorable season. 

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