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Zhoushan Port Free Trade Zone

Updated : 2018-06-25


Zhoushan Port Free Trade Zone [Photo/zhoushan.cn]

The Zhoushan Port Free Trade Zone has two parts, the Zhoushan Island subarea and the Qushan Island subarea.

The Zhoushan Island subarea stands at the western part of the first phase of Zhoushan Economic Development Zone, with a planned area of 2.83 square kilometers when it is completed. It attaches great importance on the development of several specialized transaction platforms for imported upmarket food, aquatic products and cold chains, as well as ships and ship equipment, nonferrous metal, imported grain and oil, bulk raw materials, artworks and timber transactions.
The Qushan subarea is located at Shulanghu Island of Qushan Port, covering an area of 3.02 square kilometers. It mainly focuses on the development of specialized transaction platforms for oils, chemicals and minerals.