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Zhoushan Archipelago New Area in Zhejiang province

Updated : 2018-06-06

Zhoushan Archipelago New Area in Zhejiang province.jpg


The establishment of the Zhoushan Archipelago New Area was approved by the State Council in June 2011, which was announced on July 7, 2011.

In 2016, the new area made 104.8 billion yuan in marine economy with the marine economic added value accounting for 66.4 percent of its GDP. With the ratio of the three industries being 10.0:46.2:43.8, the economic structure has shifted from that of traditional fishery to a comprehensive modern maritime economy.

By 2016, the new area has formed an island-based industrial system made up of shipbuilding, petrochemicals, and deep processing of aquatic products.

New Development Layout:

The Zhoushan Island is regarded as a main region, while, islands of Daishan, Qushan, Dayangshan, Xiaoyangshan, Dayushan, Xiaoyushan and Dachangtu constitute a port logistics cluster.

Other industry clusters on tourism, fishery and marine ecology will be developed, such as Putuo International Tourism, Liuheng Port Industry, Jintang Port Logistics and Shengsi Fishery, according to the characteristics and development goals of each island.