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Zhejiang FTZ a popular topic in Zhoushan deputies' discussion

Updated : 2018-01-30 (ezhejiang.gov.cn)


Deputies from Zhoushan, where the Zhejiang FTZ is located, discuss the opportunities and challenges of the zone at a panel on Jan 27. [Photo/zjol.com.cn]

China (Zhejiang) Pilot Free Trade Zone (FTZ) was the most popular topic in Zhejiang deputies' discussion on the work report from the provincial government on Jan 25 and 26.

The newly released work report stated the plan to promote the construction of Zhejiang FTZ in Zhoushan, which in Zhoushan deputies' eyes, is recognition of the important status of the zone and a higher requirement for its future development.

Zhou Weijiang, executive vice mayor of Zhoushan shared some figures with the deputies. Zhejiang FTZ is assigned a major task - to forge a complete industrial chain for oil products. In 2017, transactions with 3 billion metric tons of bonded fuel oil were made in Zhejiang FTZ.

"Zhoushan is striving to speed up the construction of 'one center, three bases and one demonstration area', which will lay a solid foundation for the zone's further development," said Zhou.

The province wide "At Most One Visit" administrative reform benefits the development of the FTZ, according to Zhou. "The central and provincial governments released 215 policies to support Zhejiang FTZ almost a year ago," he said.

"Zhejiang FTZ started operation in April of last year and since then, it has greatly facilitated the settlement of companies in Zhoushan and the trade and transfer of crude oil," said Li Weiwei, project manager of Mamu Crude Oil Depot, Zhejiang Petroleum & Chemical Co. She introduced that the transfer procedure for crude oil is expected to be streamlined under the guideline of the administrative reform.

Daishan county, with an area of 76.4 kilometers – over 60 percent of the entire zone, assumes the major responsibilities of reforms, according to Zhou Guoling, director of Daishan. He thought the "At Most One Visit" is helpful to promote the reform in all respects and create a friendly environment for free trade.

Lian Guoping, Party secretary of Zhoushan's Hongqiao community, shared what he could feel about the Zhejiang FTZ, "Though I'm not familiar with the construction of the zone, I can see every resident in Zhoushan benefitting from it."